Shawna Johnson has been nothing short of amazing! I was transitioning to entrepreneurship after 26-years and Shawna created a roadmap that was simple and easy to implement. In the Group Coaching Program, she helped me completely reconstruct my business so I could work less and make more. I’m forever grateful for her expertise in helping me to get back on track! 
D’Asia Monet

Working with Shawna Johnson has been nothing short of an incredible experience. She taught me practical skills for building my business, getting traffic and converting followers to customers. Her professionalism is like no other. She is always on time for our sessions and the quality of her work illustrates how much time she has put into sharpening her skills and giving her clients her continual best. Shawna Johnson’s Coaching Program is worth every penny and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to expand their business to the next level!
Sherrell Gilmore

As a new executive, knew that I not only needed to hone my public speaking skills, but that I would need to brush up on my training abilities as well. I found Shawna’s training to be the perfect solution for both! She was able to guide me past my fear of speaking in public with ease. And her experience as a trainer was a direct fit for helping me zoom in on the skills I needed to develop in order to train and guide my new team. I can’t recommend Shawna highly enough!
Alicia Walderman

Prior to working with Shawna, I wanted to create new products and learn how to launch it effectively.  The experience was a blessing because Shawna is creative and so patient when it comes to helping clients think through what they want to create. She helped me narrow my focus, evaluate, and push me to execute. If you are looking for a coach that will help you create products that will help you make money in your business, Shawna Johnson is the coach for you!  I’m glad I had the opportunity to work with her and you will be too!

Tiffany D. Kelly

Before reaching out to Shawna, I was unsure and struggled to define many areas of my business. I had everything in my head, no systems in place, and the term “overwhelmed” was an understatement. With Shawna’s coaching, I learned to structure my business and create systems for marketing, onboarding, and client delivery. Thank you, Shawna, for extending sisterhood that’s linked to accountability and being there every step of the way. This has been the most transformational year even during these dark COVID-19 times. Shawna provided the fuel I needed to pursue my passion and finally give birth to my dreams!

LaSha Marie

I hired Shawna to assist me with an upcoming launch. She offered strategies and techniques that enhanced my marketing efforts and increased my social media engagement.  She also provided a plan action to help meet my short and long term business goals. As a speaker and coach, it is great to have an industry expert who can provide guidance, support, and assistance to help me build and scale my business. Whether you are just getting started or are working to grow or expand your business, Shawna will provide invaluable insights that help you get to the next level.  

Harmoni Brangman

I had a big speaking engagement for my firm and I hired Shawna to help craft my speech and improve my overall presence when speaking publicly.  We covered everything from body language, use of my hands, tone, inflection, and more! Shawna is a wonderful teacher and uses practical strategies that can significantly improve your skills in a very short time.  After our coaching sessions, I landed the deal and Shawna landed a client for life!  If you want to improve your speaking and presentation skills, I highly recommend Shawna!

LaTrevia Kates

I was ready to grow my business and I hired Shawna to help me create products and programs for my launch.  The experience was beyond amazing!  Shawna listened to my concerns, identified areas of need, and created a roadmap for business growth.  If you want to scale your business by implementing processes and systems, you should hire Shawna immediately.  I wish I had done this sooner.  It would have saved me a lot of time, frustration, and sleepless nights.

Nicole Davis

I just wanted to take the time out to thank Shawna Johnson. She really took her time to help me figure out how to start, launch and grow my business.  As a new entrepreneur, there was so much I had to figure out.  Whenever I had questions, she had an answer and a strategy that I could implement.  She opened up the creative side of me that I didn’t know I had.  Working with her has been one of the best decisions that I have made in a really long time.  Group Coaching was great and I will continue to work with her.

Naya Reed

I had lots of ideas in my head but wasn’t sure where to start.  Shawna helped me create systems so I could structure my business and focus on what’s important.  She also challenged me to think bigger and execute.  Within a month, I made over $3k and landed my first big contract.  I am so thankful for Shawna.  Her coaching gave me the confidence to dream bigger so I can live the life I deserve.

Wanda Cody

I was going through a career change and hired Shawna when I was ready to launch a public speaking business.  I’ve always enjoyed speaking but didn’t know where to begin.  Shawna helped me identify my niche, craft my signature speech, and my flagship program.  She not only helped me overcome my fears and speak with confidence, but Shawna helped me find my first paid speaking engagement.  I highly recommend Shawna.  She is the best!

Linda Rudy

Shawna is a phenomenal coach and teacher. She really listens to your needs and customizes a strategy to meet your individualized needs. No cookie-cutter or one size fits all approach. If you need help attracting clients or creating new products and programs, stop looking and work with Shawna. She delivers on everything she promises.

Rochelle Muhammad

I attend Speaker Bootcamp and it exceeded my expectations.  We covered everything from marketing, growing your audience, and where to find gigs.  Within a week of the event, I booked three paid speaking engagements and landed a $5,000 contract.  I couldn’t believe it!  Shawna is the real deal. Do what she says and your business will grow.  

Cle’a McBride Etheridge

I participated in Group Coaching and the experience was amazing.  We had weekly sessions and individualized time as well.  The combination was great because I received a personalized experience within a group setting.  If you want to grow your business with products and programs, Shawna will help you get there. 

Cree Cunningham

Working with Shawna was an amazing experience.  She has the rare ability to think big, and then break things down into practical action steps to make them happen.  Since working with her, I’ve secured several corporate contracts.  If you want to grow your business, don’t hesitate to hire Shawna.  I highly recommend her to everyone I know!

Sheronica Barcliff

Coach Shawna has given me the confidence and the tools to make my dream come true.  I’m forever grateful to her for believing in me and helping me to build my empire to leave a legacy for my children.  I highly recommend Shawna if you need help creating products and programs for your business.  You will not be disappointed in your investment in her. 

DeAnna Swope

I participated in Group Coaching and I really enjoyed it.  It was amazing to work with a diverse group of women with Shawna guiding us from week to week.  The group and one-to-one support allowed me to get personalized attention within a group experience.  I highly recommend Shawna.  She is an excellent coach and mentor.

Alesia Shaw-Pulley

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