Shawna Johnson has been nothing short of amazing! I was transitioning to entrepreneurship after 26-years and Shawna created a roadmap that was simple and easy to implement. In the Group Coaching Program, she helped me completely reconstruct my business so I could work less and make more. I’m forever grateful for her expertise in helping me to get back on track! 
D’Asia Monet

Working with Shawna Johnson has been nothing short of an incredible experience. She taught me practical skills for building my business, getting traffic and converting followers to customers. Her professionalism is like no other. She is always on time for our sessions and the quality of her work illustrates how much time she has put into sharpening her skills and giving her clients her continual best. Shawna Johnson’s Coaching Program is worth every penny and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seriously looking to expand their business to the next level!
Sherrell Gilmore

As a new executive, knew that I not only needed to hone my public speaking skills, but that I would need to brush up on my training abilities as well. I found Shawna’s training to be the perfect solution for both! She was able to guide me past my fear of speaking in public with ease. And her experience as a trainer was a direct fit for helping me zoom in on the skills I needed to develop in order to train and guide my new team. I can’t recommend Shawna highly enough!
Alicia Walderman

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