SPEAK BIG, ACT BIGGER, Speakers Bootcamp incorporates experiential learning principles together with a blended teaching environment. Our mission is to ‘transform speakers for influence and impact’ and that is exactly what we achieve during the full day Bootcamp.

At Speak BIG, ACT BIGGER, Speakers Bootcamp, you’ll be guided through a ten step program that will help you become a more confident, polished presenter with an increased income to match.

Here’s what you can expect:


  • Secret tips to speak with confidence and clarity… every time
  • Create a plan to convey credibility to your audience
  • How to use both emotion and logic to move people to action
  • The essential elements of every great public performance
  • The 10 mistakes most speakers make and how you can avoid them
  • Overcome death by Powerpoint – FOREVER.
  • The rules of looking your best, and “dressing for success” in any situation


  • Where nervousness comes from and why some of the best speakers still get nervous
  • Five simple secrets to create impact with your voice and gestures
  • Think on your feet, and handle any situation
  • Staying focused, confident and poised in the midst of distractions or interruptions
  • How to use your audience because they can make your job much easier
  • How to solve every audience member’s greatest problem


  •  How to handle hecklers… put them in their place, and even turn them into part of the show
  • How to deal with presentation disasters… Hint: you’re going to have them, so you must be ready
  • Inject excitement and enthusiasm into any topic, no matter how boring or dry
  • How to outline, or organize a talk for maximum effectiveness
  • How to capture the skills of the very best communicators and make them your own!

Anything Else Included?

  •  Live 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring
  • Award winning Guest Speakers/Trainers
  • Speaker Workbook, handouts and materials
  • Techniques for Non-stop Traffic
  • Techniques for Marketing From The Stage
  • Small Group Activities & On Stage Practice


It’s time for your message to be heard and for you to be recognized!

SPEAK BIG, ACT BIGGER, SPEAKER BOOTCAMP is an intimate small group experience.  We hand select a group of speakers who are ready to be seen, be heard and impact the world with their story.  Is that you?  Our next bootcamp is coming up and spaces fill up quickly.

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