Search Engine Optimization

When your website is ranked well in the most popular search engines, you get more visitors clicking on your site.  The more visitors you get the more business you get.  Did you know that about 20 percent to 80 percent of your visitors will find your web site through the search engines?

Studies show that most people do not look past the fourth page of results.  There was a time when you could use free submission services that would submit your website to search engines and directories.  At one time, that would actually get you ranked OK.  Nowadays, that won’t do anything for you.  You want to get ranked at LEAST on the first page of Google and Yahoo.  The better option would be to get ranked in the top 3 listings of both Google and Yahoo.  This isn’t easy.

All search engines spider or crawl the Web and automatically index your web site based on their own secretive algorithms, which are constantly changing.  How do you get ranked well.  You can use pay-per-click, which is where you bid for top ranking positions under keywords of your choice.  Just make sure that the bids you make are not more than what each customer is worth to you in your site.  For ex, if your maximum bid per click is 10.00 dollars and it takes 100 visitors to make a sale, you are probably going to lose money.

To get high ranked, you need to have a website with fresh content and good links to other sites with high page ranking.  You could have an rss feed in your site so that the content is fresh and new articles are submitted to keep the customers interested and the search engines satisfied.

Search engines are looking for fresh information, good linking, and relevance.  Keep these points in mind and set forth with that high ranked site.

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