Why do you need a business coach? Because even when you’re near the top of your industry, there are opportunities to raise your standards of success. If you’re ready to increase clients and profits, Shawna’s 90 Day Private Coaching Program is just what you need. The 90 Day Business Accelerator Coaching Program is perfectly crafted so prospects see that YOU are the right and ONLY person they should buy from. You will know exactly what your clients want to learn and how to position it so that they get the highest level of results the faster.

As a result of the 90 Day Private Coaching Program, you’ll learn new tools and capabilities, and a plan with prioritized, concrete action steps. You will get three months of online and telephonic consultation, personalized coaching, unlimited email access, audio recordings, written products, workbooks and a sophisticated system that allows you to coordinate, communicate and collaborate with Shawna.

Unlimited Private Calls Focused on Your Business


Unlimited Personalized Feedback and Support via Email


Customized Vision & Strategy for Your Business


Detailed Profit Assessment & Strategy Session


Implementation Audio and Video Trainings


Templates, Guides, Worksheets and Checklists

My Private Coaching Program is for you if …


  • You want clarity with your brand and messaging (online and offline)
  • Need improvement with marketing and sales strategies
  • Ready to make a difference in this world through the power of connection!
  • Spinning your wheels with so many ideas, from e-books to speaking engagements to online programs to videos to promotions…. You don’t where to begin!
  • You are working hard but not getting the results you deserve
  • You have great ideas but need help focusing on where to start and what to do
  • You don’t have the time, expertise or resources to do the things you know you need to be doing to effectively promote your business.
  • You’ve tried some forms of marketing, advertising and direct mail with little to no results.
  • You don’t know how to get your name out there.
  • You’ve tried a few business and/or marketing coaches before but none of them seemed to do much for you
  • Tired of watching other entrepreneurs around you, making leaps and bounds when you are struggling!

What’s Included in the 90 Day Private Coaching Program?

Comprehensive Business & Marketing Intake: Business & Marketing Intake form at the beginning of your private coaching program, to assess where you are now in relation to your immediate, short term and long-term goals. This will also help us clearly define any challenges you foresee in the coming weeks and months.

Weekly Power Sessions: Each week we will establish step-by-step profit strategies to overcome obstacles, improve your sales funnels and generate income. With each session includes worksheets, checklists, templates and guides to help
you successfully implement what you’ve learned.

Unlimited E-Mail Support: Throughout my Coaching Program you will have unlimited access to me. In addition to the weekly Power Sessions, you will have unlimited email support and access to “emergency calls” should you need support in-between weekly sessions.

Specialized High-Ticket Pricing Training: I will give you specific steps to determine exactly what you can charge for your program, and how to give your clients value and quality

Effectively Market From The Stage: Developing an effective sales funnel is essential to your business. I will teach you how to market yourself during webinars, at workshops, during sales calls and more.

My Personal Formula for Writing Conversational-Style Sales Letter: I’ll teach you the exact scripting of a high-priced training that sells for highest ticket price possible. All you have to do is follow the directions. Use this in addition to using my conversion calls to generate more revenue.

How to Write a Credibility Email Campaign (An Email Campaign That Create Connection and Trust): I’ll teach you how to write a complete series of emails that builds credibility and trust so that your prospects will buy from YOU instead of your competition. People buy based on trust and credibility, not based on fancy sales words.

How to Get Subscribers and Traffic That Leads Prospects to Do Business With You: This module includes my training on driving traffic with organic methods like SEO, content marketing, and article marketing, in addition to easy paid methods like I personally use.

The Exact Scripting for Your Free Consult Conversion Call: If you’re a coach or provide individual consultations, I will give you the exact conversation that consistently performs at high levels – and you get my exact instructions for duplicating it in YOUR niche.

Are you ready to supercharge your results?

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