Multiple Streams of Income

Statistics prove that the average millionaire has seven streams of income. How many do you have? If you only have one, you’re in trouble. Suppose you lose that one income, how will you sustain? How will you support yourself and/or family? I strongly recommend that you seek other streams of income. It’s not as complicated as you may think.

Think about something you’re good at or even a hobby. These can be things you turn into another stream of income. Sell your old books, clothes, or furniture on eBay  Are you good at writing? Charge to write for others; write resumes, cover letters or become a ghost writer and get paid for it. ​

Are you good at consulting? Help others bring their ideas to reality. Charge them a fee to do it.

Personal shopping. There are a number of people who despise the word shopping. You may love to shop. Shop for them and charge a fee to do so. 

See, you can create multiple streams of income if you really thought about it. It may take a little work and research to find out what would be best to bring in the revenue, but you can do it. Don’t get stuck at a full-time job that has “guaranteed pay” every week, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. If you happen to lose that “guaranteed pay,” what is your backup? You can’t live off savings forever but you can live off another stream of income. I’m not a millionaire but I do have multiple streams of income. I’m not affected if I lose one. 

Now is the time to get prepared, take notes, create a vision board, do what you need to do but start creating multiple streams of income. Don’t go into 2015 without creating at least a second stream of income. You will thank me later.

Hi!  I’m Shawna and I help entrepreneurs, small business owners and change agents start, grow and expand their business.  Visit me online to discuss to schedule a complimentary consultation, explore group coaching or look at our various self-study programs.  I love helping individuals just like you achieve your goals.  I can’t wait to hear from you.

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