What is the Profit Accelerator Group Coaching?

The Profit Accelerator Group Coaching is a live coaching and training program to help you create and/or grow your online business. I do this through my foundational business tenants – Core 4 of Success.



  • Shawna Johnson will answer your questions personally. She has over 17 years of business experience.
  •  Questions are answered in the monthly live QA call.
  •  Questions are answered daily in the Facebook Group that way you are never sitting around wishing you could get an answer that you need quick.


  • Every month a new live training will take place on a specific area of business. Opt-in process, funnels, web traffic, conversion tools, pricing and more will ALL be covered.
  • The goal is NOT information overload, but to make the information available so it is there when you need it.
  • Yes, you get the replay of all the events. They are archived in the group for simple and easy access.
  • We also share what we are actively working on. For example: a new email marketing tactic we’re using is increasing sales and recently won an affiliate contest. We share these insights with members.


  • It’s no fun to attempt business alone. You can often feel like you’re on a deserted island. The Profit Accelerator Group Coaching provides a welcoming and warm community.
  • Shawna and her team are in the group daily. Sharing encouragement and answering questions.
  • Isolation is dangerous. Going it alone leads to avoidable mistakes and wasted time. You end up feeling like a failure and giving up.


  • As Darren Hardy puts it – Small, smart choices + Consistency + Time = Radical Difference. The only reason you have not achieved your goals is that you have not consistently taken the right actions.
  • I will coach you to the right actions. Step-by-step. Then you consistently apply what you learn.
  • With consistency, you can have your lead magnet up in hours or days, but not weeks or months.
  • Consistency gets your business up and running in a simple tight fashion, not a long complicated one.
  • Consistency provides the leverage to accomplish more in less time. As one of my clients put it, “I have accomplished more with Profit Accelerator Coaching Club than in the last 6 years on my own!”


Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Create a new stream of income with your own online business doing something meaningful that you love and you were born to do, where you get to use all of your talents, skills and experience. Allowing you to step into your power as a woman and get back in the drivers seat of your own life.
  • Learn how to create and build a funnel that works and is geared to get you clients and income. It’s not rocket science but there is a science to it and I’m going to show you exactly how to do this.
  • The systems and structures that you need in place to succeed in your online business will be given to you so you can confidently make decisions and take action from a place of being empowered, inspired and fully supported to succeed.
  • Become visible and start to attract your ideal clients and grow your business once you learn how to create solutions for their problems and use branding, marketing, list building, websites and so many other internet techniques that you will learn, to call them to you.


Are There Any Bonuses for Joining?

YES! You get access to these right after joining!

  1. Commitment to Excellence: My 5-part audio and e-book series contains the success mantras critical to developing the right mindset ($597.00)
  2. Online Business Workbook: I strongly recommend you print this workbook and put it in a binder. The five-step process teaches you the profitable action items to automate your business and create a sales funnel
  3. Profit Streams 2.0: This is basically an online business university. It contains all the training you need to launch a successful online business. ($1,997).
  4. Traffic Success: This course shows you exactly how to create engagement and traffic. My detailed report shares everything you need including affiliates and product creation. ($997.00).
  5. Monthly live seminars from guest experts. Topics include website development, social media, blogging and more!


What Else I Should Know?

  1. 90 Days of live coaching from Shawna Johnson
  2. Weekly live Q&A to answer all of your questions
  3. Weekly live training and coaching. You’re never alone.
  4. Fully automated step by step action plan to increase traffic, engagement and allow you to sell with ease.
  5. All content, files, videos, coaching, replays, etc will be through the Impact Income Coaching Club private Facebook group.
  6. Lifetime access to all the tools and resources provided during the Profit Accelerator Group Coaching.

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