Easy Ways to Build Your Brand

Often times when people think of branding, the first thing comes to mind is a logo design or marketing in a way that builds a company’s brand. You must brand before you build. Some entrepreneurs want to skip the important stuff and go straight to marketing, but you need to know what you’re marketing. It’s not just about the logo when it comes to your brand. Branding is what a customer thinks when they hear about a product. You want your ideal customer to think of your business when a product is mentioned.

​For example: If someone cuts their finger, their first thought maybe, “I need a band-aid.” What they mean is they need a bandage. Band-aid is the brand, bandage is the product. That’s how you want to build your brand.

So, whats next?  Take a look at the simple steps below that will help you define and build your brand.

1. Start by defining your brand: What is it. What purpose will it serve. Who will it help. Who needs your product or service.

2. Be Unique and Creative: Your brand should stand out from small and large companies.

3. Don’t Worry About Your Logo: Focus more on your product quality, customer service and the feedback from customers. Your logo matters but not more than the quality and service you provide to your customers.

4. Clear and Concise Marketing: Market what you offer and the benefits of customers purchasing it. Build a honest brand and make sure what you’re marketing is what the customer will get and is worth the price.

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