Everything is Public Speaking (so be prepared)

The funny thing about presenting and public speaking is that the majority of people will tell you they don’t enjoy it and/or aren’t very good at it. And yet regardless of who they are and what they do, most of the speaking they do on a day-to-day basis IS public speaking.

You see, mostly when we talk to ourselves we keep it as an internal dialogue that nobody else can hear. But whenever we open our mouths and actually make a noise in front of another person we’re speaking …

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Nine Powerful Ways to Close the Year Strong

The year is almost at its end, with another chapter of our lives closing as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Whether this year was your best so far, full of great memories and splendid people, or it was one better to be forgotten, with a lot of moments that turned out to be lessons, the new year is a fresh start for everyone.

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Using Emotional Marketing in Your Business

Emotional marketing is a term thrown around in the marketing world that means basically what you think. It means that you use various words, colors and images to evoke certain emotions in the audience in all your marketing messages. There is an entire science involved in marketing that studies the effect of the colors, images and words on the page and how they affect the consumer.

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10 Ways to Reduce Your Costs

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Its can cost a lot of money too. It’s something that every business owner knows, but it seems to get lost in the shuffle of our day-to-day doing business. I’m not going to give you a lot of rhetoric on the subject. Instead I’m going to simply give you a list of 10 points on each that will jog your business memory.

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Upcoming Events

8:00 am Wonder Women Confidence Conference
Wonder Women Confidence Conference
Apr 18 @ 8:00 am – 2:00 pm
Wonder Women Confidence Conference @ Stone Mountain, GA
The Wonder Woman Confidence Conference will take place Wednesday, April 18, 2018.  We have assembled 20 coaches, an expert panel and an opportunity for post-mentoring post conference.  This event is guaranteed to sell out.  Grab[...]
all-day Mental Health Summit – Ghana Uni...
Mental Health Summit – Ghana Uni...
Sep 1 – Sep 16 all-day
Mental Health Summit - Ghana University
Our annual international trip to Ghana will take place August 2018.  The trip includes speaking on the main stage, radio interviews, television interviews and missionary work. To become a sponsor, speaker or donate to our[...]

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