5 Must Haves In Business

If you’re looking to start or grow a business, these are a few of the important “Must Haves.” Not maybe’s, but MUST HAVES in business.

Must Have Number 1: A Business Coach

A Business Coach is a necessity to you and your business. 
I talked a little bit about a Business Coach in Episode #4 of my Podcast, but I want to get more in depth with why you need a Business Coach. You’re about to start a business. You have questions about the business and need some insight on what to do. Example: You want to know if your business idea is a good one, how to get started, steps to take, etc

Must Have Number 2: A Mentor

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business or where you are in the startup phase, you should have a Mentor. A mentor is usually someone who has years of experience over you. This is someone who can teach you far more than you know in business based on their experiences. They have a much longer list of networks than you could imagine. In Business, its important to know and associate with the right people that can help you grow your network and your business. Mark Zuckerburg’s Mentor was Steve Jobs. Mark stated that Jobs taught him the importance of building a strong team and keeping the company’s focus strong.

​Must Have Number 3: An Accountability Partner

An Accountability Partner can play a huge role in the success of your business. This partner is a business peer who helps you grow your company by offering guidance and by holding you to your commitments. You are also responsible for reciprocating the relationship. Both partners work on bettering their businesses with the feedback and support of each other. Your partner can help you identify weaknesses in your business, and suggest ways to overcome them and hold you accountable for action. When choosing your Accountability Partner, look for someone who isn’t afraid to be honest with you, will hold you accountable to achieving your goals and has a track record of accomplishments with their own goals.

Must Have Number 4: A Business Attorney

A Business or Corporate Attorney can help you decide on a business structure, create contracts, review contracts, signing deals, leases and negotiate terms, if needed. They can also assist you in creating company policies & procedures and educate you on how to protect your intellectual property. There are a plethora of laws that should be followed in small business. As the world evolves, laws are constantly changing. A Business Attorney is usually familiar with these laws and knows when they are updated. This is something you may not be aware of when you’re focused on operating your business. Leave it to your Attorney to make sure your business is legally protected as a whole.

Must Have Number 5: An Accountant

It can be a daunting task attempting to keep up with all the tax filing dates and associated  filing fees, while trying to operate your business. An Accountant can make life easier within your business. From payroll, to tax preparation & filing, to tax audits, an Accountant can take this load off your hands. Your Accountant can assist you in creating a feasible budget for your company. Your Accountant can also provide you with advice on your company’s legal structure as it relates to federal tax filing, laws, etc.

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