10 Easy Business Start-Ups

If you want to start a business but you’re unsure of what you want to do, I’ve compiled a list of easy startups to think about. Most of these companies have very little overhead, so you won’t have to worry about spending much money out on expenses. Click below to read more.

Look into a good bookkeeping software to use like Quickbooks, Intuit, etc. Work from home, create a killer flyer and social media pages, maybe a website (MAYBE), register your business, secure liability insurance and you’re all set.
Decide on the type of services you want to offer and make sure you have the experience needed to offer those services. Decide on your target market so you know what type of marketing campaign to create to reach them. Promote, promote, promote!
Target those you know need this service. College students with no transportation, senior citizens who do not drive, etc. This will be a hit! Work from home, promote your services on and around college campuses, senior living locations, bus stops, etc. All you need is a car, computer and some type of merchant system for credit card processing (makes things convenient) or you can accept cash only. Figure out what will work best for you and your customers and get going.
Post your ads/profiles on safe websites like care.com, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. Make sure you get positive reviews from former clients (friends or family members) whom you’ve provided services so that potential customers can perform their due diligence to decide if they want you caring for their children. Create a nice little flyer or business card and you’re in the game. Offer incentives like pay for 3 sittings in advance and get one free for equal or lesser value.5. BUSINESS PLAN WRITING
Offer services within your business plans that your competitors don’t. Offer the meat and potatoes of what you know customers need. Sure everyone wants to start a business, but not everyone has the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to do so. That’s where YOU come in at. Prepare the business plan to include all that they need to know and follow to be successful. Run this business out of your home, dorm room, Starbucks, where ever. 🙂 Trust me, I know. 
You can clean homes or businesses. You can clean during the day or in the evening hours. Be readily available to your customers. Your ideal client can be the working parents, single parents, busy parents, etc. Promote your services via social media, create your flyers, hang them on doors, start building your clientele. You’re definitely gonna need liability insurance for this one.7. COMPUTER REPAIR
Create a flyer, tell your friends & family to share your company with others, find out the rates of competitors and charge a little less to get your feet wet. This type of work can be done at home in your garage. You have to start somewhere right? Make sure each client writes a review on your social media pages because you will need those and they’re FREE. Use Yelp, Merchant Circle, Facebook business pages, etc. 
You’re good at something. Share your knowledge and expertise with someone who could benefit from what you know. Charge a hourly or retainer fee, work from home and I’m sure you will do fine. Make sure you spread the word using business cards, flyers, social media, etc.

Start by doing events for free or deeply discounted in order to build your portfolio. Most customers want to know what you’ve done. They want to see pictures of your work before deciding to work with you. Meet with several event halls, hotels, etc. to inquire on becoming a preferred vendor for their events.

Licensing may be needed. Dog sitting, training and breeding is very popular. Many people could benefit from this service, especially if it’s mobile. Promote your services via social media, create eye catching and attention grabbing flyers and you should be good to go.


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